The time has come for a Diplomatic Protocol to Welcome Extraterrestrials

New York, May 22, 2023 — In a bold move that could revolutionize our world and usher it into a new era by initiating relationships with extraterrestrial civilizations, a Diplomatic Protocol for Extraterrestrial Contact has been officially submitted to the U.N. and to all countries in the world.  ET Embassy Project firmly believes that once this proposal turns into a resolution and is adopted by a majority vote, it will set in motion the construction of an Embassy to welcome an extraterrestrial civilization to Earth.  It is noteworthy that this proposal already has the support of an international consortium of more than 200 scientists, diplomats, and jurists.  “The U.N. responded to our letter with great appreciation, yet explained that it is not able to act without the support of its member states.  Hence, we followed their recommendation and sent our proposal to all ambassadors of member states,” said Daniel Turcotte, director general of ET Embassy Project.

“This diplomatic protocol—proposed as the third Optional Protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961—stipulates that any extraterrestrial civilization should be welcomed to an Embassy with the required laws and regulations for such an Embassy since it is a project for all of humanity and therefore should not be only entrusted to wealthier and more powerful nations,” added Turcotte.

The ET Embassy Project—supported by 25 international organizations representing close to 2 million members—was formally introduced at an international online conference of scientists, politicians, and diplomats.  According to experts involved in this project, building an Embassy for an extraterrestrial civilization not only represents one of humanity’s greatest challenges but also one of its most significant opportunities—one that is essential for the future of humanity.  “The Embassy would be tasked with serving as a point of contact between an extraterrestrial civilization and humanity thus ensuring open dialogue and cultural, commercial, artistic and scientific exchange between other civilizations and our Humanity.  In addition, the Embassy would be supplied with the necessary infrastructure to guarantee the security of the parties involved,” continued Turcotte.
This May, a Call to Action was sent to all influencers as well as an invitation to politicians, ministers, ambassadors, parliamentarians, and all those who are part of an influential network to help make the ET Embassy Project a reality.  The call was heard and many joined us to help us achieve this ambitious and marvelous project.

To be clear, this Optional Protocol would ensure fair and responsible management of the project by putting all the nations of the world on an equal footing.  When officially signed and ratified by at least 3 countries, this protocol could be adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.  “Until ET Embassy Project becomes a reality, we need to continue to raise awareness about the building of an Embassy to welcome an extraterrestrial civilization to Earth.  This initiative is an important stepping stone to a more peaceful and collaborative future for all of humanity,” concluded Turcotte.


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