an Embassy for Extraterrestrials?

The most important Project of All Time! In this case, an Embassy for Extraterrestrials to officially and peacefully meet with mankind. This embassy will be neither a princely palace nor a cathedral, but rather a beautiful building possessing the comforts to which anyone today is entitled, with the diplomatic immunity that even the smallest state has for its embassy.

Constructing an embassy to welcome scientists from another planet will be a milestone event, the first-ever undertaking with staggering implications for the future of humanity. Apart from being the headquarters of diplomatic contacts between the extraterrestrials and Earth’s governments, the embassy project will become an exceptional and unique tourist attraction for everyone.


Steps to achieve the E.T. civilization Embassy

2019 - 2024

Diplomatic initiative

Find a country ready to host and organize an international conference to discuss the Optional Protocol Concerning Embassies for Extraterrestrials.

Optional Protocol for Extraterrestrials_Mar04_2021

2024 - 2025

Site location analysis

Identify suitable sites for the ET Embassy Project in countries that have signed the E.T. Embassy Protocol and with which we have developed a good working relationship.

2025 - 2027

Site acquisition

The preferred site identified, acquired and transferred to the International Raëlian Movement, along with an agreement as to major off-site infrastructure. Finalize the legal aspects of the ET Embassy Project.

2027 - 2030

Planning and implementation

Master planning, architectural and engineering design, approvals, contracts & commissioning. Construction of the ET Embassy complex, including a model of the Embassy that will be open to the public.

From 2030, the Embassy will operate in caretaker mode, awaiting the return of an Extraterrestrial civilization, the Elohim.

Project stages

The project will be conducted in five phases

PHASE 1. Selection of the host country
The host country will enjoy: • Financial benefits during the five-year construction phase; • Additional financial annual benefits during the post- construction/pre-arrival phase; and • Incalculable financial benefits during the post-arrival era.
PHASE 2. Construction of the embassy model
A half-scale model (or similar) will provide focus for tourism during the construction phase.

PHASE 3. Construction of the embassy

The embassy building is to be built on a rectangular site, granted by the host country, with a minimum area of 490.6 hectares (1,212.3 acres) that has been accorded extraterritorial status.
PHASE 4. Pre-arrival phase

As the embassy and associated tourist and scientific facilities are commissioned, tourism will flourish, major international conferences will be hosted nearby, scientific discoveries will bring recognition and more investment, etc.

PHASE 5. Post-arrival era
Official contact with the extraterrestrials will be the biggest news ever, and the embassy will become the most important place on the planet!

Scientopolis ™

The world’s leading-edge scientific hub!

The immediate vicinity of the embassy is sure to enjoy the greatest growth on the planet for decades to come. Outside the official embassy grounds, the nearest town (or perhaps an entirely new town: see discussion of “Scientopolis”) will grow around a core of hotels and restaurants, museums, research centres, shopping areas and an entirely new infrastructure planned and designed to accommodate the hordes of visitors arriving daily.

When the Embassy is under construction our planners will move their focus to the next project: Scientopolis, a new city near the Embassy in which science is at the service of humanity, without political, military, or economic interference or influence, for the equal benefit of all people.

With the continued support of the host country, we will build Scientopolis. This new city will provide the best research facilities possible, significant research funds, high salaries, and no income tax, in order to gather the top scientists of the world in one place and thereby reach technological singularity as soon as possible.
While it is impossible to predict the top priorities for science ten years from now, the following are a few research fields that we might prioritize:

• Robotics,
• Nanotechnology,
• Artificial intelligence,
• Cloning,
• Genetics,
• Medecine,
• Stem cells,
• Computer science, and
• Environmental science.


There is very good evidence to suggest that an Extraterrestrial civilization is preparing the people of Earth, thanks to more and more frequent appearances and crop circles. However, our Humanity will also be better prepared to welcome the extraterrestrials when we have a better understanding of all the great scientific principles.

In this regard, new developments in science give us much reason for optimism. Within the next 20 years, the number of new scientific discoveries will increase tremendously, until humanity reaches a level of understanding in which almost everything is known about almost everything. This predicted watershed moment for humanity is called “the technological singularity” by the many scientists who share that vision of our scientific progress, although some are clouding this wonderful prospect with nightmarish scenarios that will not come to pass. However, it is commonly agreed that technological singularity will occur during the next 20 years. So, by then, many people will understand how human beings were created and by whom. Hopefully, that awareness will increase our collective desire to welcome a delegation of extraterrestrials from space.

Our target is therefore completion and full operation by 2030!

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