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The International Raëlian Movement (IRM) was founded in 1974 as a non-profit association under Swiss law with headquarters in Lausanne (Switzerland). It is organized corporately and governed by articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code. The purpose of the association is to ensure good relations with extraterrestrials and to prepare the inhabitants of our planet for their arrival.

It is in this vision, carried by the leader of this Movement, Raël, and the 100,000 members spread over more than 80 countries, that the project of building an embassy to officially welcome an extraterrestrial civilization takes its essence and all its significance.
Finally, all of the costs associated with the construction of the Embassy, including the scoping study and the feasibility study, will be the IRM’s responsibility.


We are Many!  We have been working diligently since 1974 to organize, develop and deliver on the extraterrestrial embassy project. The Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact is one important step in the plan.  Close to 2 million supporters of the Extraterrestrial Embassy Project already have the resources needed to build the embassy assuming a territory accepts the construction project.

Once the United Nations discusses and integrates the Optional Protocols for Extraterrestrial Contact – or when a few countries agree on this Protocol and one of them accepts to give (or sell) land and grant it the extraterritoriality needed we will start the ET Embassy building process.

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The next step is easy. To be a candidate or to receive more information for this inspiring project, simply send a letter of intent to:

The Embassy for Extraterrestrial Project

Attn. Daniel Turcotte, General Director
C.P. 86, Succursale Youville, Montreal (QC) H2P 2V2, Canada

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