Are UFOS Real?


UFO sightings have been reported worldwide throughout history, and have been increasing recently. Most end up having commonplace explanations, but for others, there is no earthly explanation at all. Recent news includes:

  • The publication, on 25 June 2021, of a “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena“ by the US Office of the Director Of National Intelligence;
  • Official 2004 videos of UFOs taken by US Navy pilots from the USS Nimitz:
  • A Chinese-sponsored international “Five Continents Alliance Forum” to address UFOs and related issues: and

More and more former high-ranking government and military officials are coming forward to relate their experiences. Such as:

  • Fife Symington, 19th Governor of Arizona (1991-1997),  United States.
  • Dennis Kucinich, presidential candidate in the 2008 U.S. presidential election.
  • Jimmy Carter, former U.S. president.
  • Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defence.

Obviously, individual sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFO) should be rigorously scrutinized, but if, of the tens of thousands of reports of UFOs that cannot be explained, only one is a true sighting of an extraterrestrial craft, then that one sighting is proof of the existence of at least one extraterrestrial civilization.

Crop circles

Crop circles are those strange, often circular shapes that are sometimes found in grain fields in the morning. Until recently, the origin of these “agroglyphs” was a mystery, and their increasingly complex shapes challenged all mainstream scientific hypotheses.

Thousands of formations have been reported throughout the world, some of them extremely complex and geometrically exact. They represent mathematical equations, astronomical bodies and alignments, religious symbols, animals and even extraterrestrial life forms. Moreover, most are now much larger in scale than the earlier versions, with some up to 700 metres long and the area of the largest measuring about 4,000 square metres. They are drawn with surgical precision that defies mainstream explanations.

Our explanation is that crop circles are a thought-provoking strategy aimed at preparing us for official contact by an extraterrestrial civilization. These short-lived agrarian art works force people to speculate on the nature of the authors, whose intent is to familiarize them with the presence of external observers and prepare them psychologically for official and peaceful contact.

Messages from E.T.s

The United States National Security Agency (NSA) has released documents showing how extraterrestrial messages might be encoded. The documents show NSA consideration of the need to communicate with extraterrestrials and were released to the public under the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.

Also, it is obvious that extraterrestrial technology is way ahead of us. More recently (2019) the American Navy cryptically released a top-secret UFO video showing at least one vessel that is not from our planet. The navy pilots observed and filmed UFOs, as they zoomed from 60,000 feet to 50 feet above the Pacific Ocean in a matter of seconds, alarmingly without producing any sonic booms.



First, a bit of perspective: our sun is but one among a literally countless number of stars. A recent study at Australian National University tallied the number of stars at 70 sextillion (70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000).  But in reality, the number of stars is infinite!

Until very recently, the existence of exoplanets – planets orbiting stars other than our own sun – was merely a matter of speculation. In textbooks written just one generation ago, one can still find statements such as “Other stars may have planets like those in our solar system, but there’s no way to know for sure.” Now we know!

With continuing technological advancement, it’s most likely that we will find additional Earth-like planets with conditions suitable for life – including intelligent life. It is now accepted science that a number of planets orbit almost every star and that for very many stars there is likely to be at least one planet within the habitable zone of that star, meaning that the likelihood of there being other technologically advanced civilizations in our galaxy is very high.

Ancient times

Around the world, the traditional texts, cultural artefacts, and legends of ancient civilizations contain abundant evidence of contact between extraterrestrials and the people of Earth. Traces of many such encounters still exist today.

On the plains of Nazca, south of Lima, Peru, a series of straight lines run across the ground for miles.

From the air, they appear to be ancient landing strips for aircraft, since they are extremely difficult to see from the ground. Assuming that the pre-Incan cultures didn’t use them themselves for landing purposes, the logical conclusion is that these astounding lines could have been used by the aircraft of a highly advanced extraterrestrial race. What’s more, who created the incredibly intricate birds, monkeys, lizards, insects, a giant spider, and fish – and even what appears to be a suited astronaut figure – are all depicted. More recently (November 2019) researchers announced the detection of 143 new geoglyphs on southern Peru’s Nazca plain.

They are meticulously drawn in the ground on a huge scale, yet are visible only from a great height.

Scientists say these land carvings, covering an area of 60 square miles, were constructed as long as 15 centuries ago, before the formation of the Incan empire. Charles Berlitz points out in his book “Mysteries from Forgotten Worlds” that the message in these prehistoric drawings “finds an echo in an ancient Peruvian legend about the goddess Orejona landing in a great ship from the skies”. In other words, Orejona could be interpreted as an extraterrestrial being landing in a spacecraft.

Many religious texts and paintings contain abundant references to UFOs, which have been sighted throughout the ages. Prehistoric evidence has even been found in the work of ancient cave artists. A few examples follow:

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