What if it were true?

What if extraterrestrial beings genuinely wanted to meet with us? This scenario could represent a pivotal moment in the annals of human history, prompting us to ponder various potential outcomes and factors. Some argue that a primary obstacle would be bridging the communication gap with these extraterrestrial beings, given the vast differences in technology, language, and possibly even biology. Overcoming these differences to achieve effective communication might require the development of new methods or technologies for interstellar dialogue. However, I believe this hurdle might not be as insurmountable as it seems.

Given the advanced technology these beings possess—evidenced by the sophisticated maneuvers of their spacecraft—it’s plausible they could effortlessly master any human language. This concept is reminiscent of a scene from “The Matrix,” where knowledge is instantaneously uploaded into Neo’s brain, empowering him with the ability to perform intricate tasks.

Understanding the intentions behind extraterrestrial actions is indeed vital. These beings are peaceful space explorers, evidently aiming to forge diplomatic ties with humanity. Their purpose seems transparent: to prepare us for an official contact. As Dr. Gary Nolan, Ph.D., a professor in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine, suggested during a conference at SALT when queried by Alex Klokus about his views on the UFO/ET phenomenon: “I think it’s an advanced form of intelligence (…) using kind of intermediaries, you’re not going to end up in a middle of a tribe, the angry monkeys that are flinging mock at each other, or… nuclear bombs.  You’re not gonna show yourself in the middle of it, you gonna send and intermediaries (…) you gonna put something there that is an intelligence test; can you see what’s in front of you for what it really is.” Could it be that crop circles, which reveal messages upon decryption, the uptick in UFO sightings, and other phenomena, are the intelligence tests Dr. Nolan refers to?

These could be ingenious methods for them to subtly signal their presence and intentions.  In anticipation of formal interactions with extraterrestrials, governments and scientific bodies would probably collaborate closely to prepare for such a groundbreaking event. This preparation could include developing contact protocols, coordinating international efforts, and ensuring the safety and well-being of these visitors. This is the rationale behind proposing an Optional Protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, encompassing extraterrestrial civilizations.

Currently, discussions are underway with various governments regarding the organization of an international conference to deliberate and refine the proposed protocol. We are optimistic that at least one nation will demonstrate the boldness to convene the diplomatic community for such a pioneering conference.

Engagement with an extraterrestrial civilization could unlock vast opportunities for exchange and collaboration across cultural, artistic, scientific, technological, and philosophical domains. We stand to gain insights into their advanced technology, societal structures, and lifestyles, although it’s possible they might not learn anything new from us, as their knowledge surpasses ours significantly. The idea of encountering extraterrestrial beings might initially stir fear and uncertainty among many, influenced by Hollywood’s often grim depictions and science fiction’s foreboding narratives, embedding a sense of dread in our collective psyche. However, the tide of public opinion is turning, thanks to the work of those who are reshaping our perceptions positively. The once prevalent apprehension is gradually giving way to a more welcoming and enthusiastic outlook toward the prospect of interplanetary visitors. In essence, the momentum toward establishing official contact with extraterrestrials is swiftly gathering pace, with no conceivable force able to halt its progress. This includes the attempts by some governmental bodies to withhold information about UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena, which, if disclosed, could further shift public sentiment favorably.

It’s time to prepare for the arrival of an extraterrestrial civilization with open minds and hearts, ready to embrace the myriad possibilities such an encounter promises.


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