UFO captured in Los Cabos (Mexico)- A coincidence or a sign?

San Jose del Cabo, May 5, 2023 – 

Last Monday, May 1st, the presence of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) over the airspace of Los Cabos International Airport, in Baja California Sur, caused some commercial flights to be restricted.  National military aircraft immediately deployed.

This event comes a few weeks after Daniel Turcotte, Director General of the Embassy for Extraterrestrials, accompanied by a delegation, presented the plans of a project to build an Embassy to receive an extraterrestrial civilization in the territory of the city to key people of the City Council of San Jose del Cabo.  

Some will say that this is a coincidence.  Since we do not have the confirmation, we are comfortable asserting, with some reservation, that this is meant to sensitize the different levels of government and prepare the general public for an official contact with beings from another planet,” explained Benigno Reyes, Raelian guide and leader of the Project in Mexico.  He goes on to say, ”It is time to stop focusing on the UFO itself, which is nothing more than a spaceship, and start asking ourselves who is inside and why they are making more and more appearances in strategic places.”

We have already started to hear the same old stories from the authorities, i.e. that it could be a spy balloon or other stupid claims.  ”Look closely at the videos and photos that have been taken and you will quickly see that they are not balloons,” Benigno added.

“We hope that the executive committee and the mayor of the city of San Jose del Cabo will consider this $100 million-plus project and eventually embrace it.  The real question is not if aliens will land on Earth, but when and where – will it be in San Jose del Cabo?” concluded Benigno Reyes.


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