The first international online forum to discuss diplomatic protocols for extraterrestrial contact held

New York, July 22 — “A historical event just happened before our eyes,” announced Daniel Turcotte, Raelian Guide and leader of the Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project sponsored by the Raelian Movement. “Diplomats and Foreign Affairs officials recently attended our first international online forum to learn from our experts all the steps required to officially welcome human beings from another planet.”

“The main goal of this event was to inform diplomats and foreign affairs officials about this unique and ambitious project that could also bring wealth and scientific advancement to the hosting country,” explained Turcotte. “We need to increase their level of awareness about the important issues of international law that should be resolved before any extraterrestrial contact is made.”

During the presentation and after introducing the subject and giving an outline on the project, Dr Jon H. Levy, PhD.—a world-renowned lawyer specializing in transnational and private international law—and Stephen Goldie—a very experienced city planner—outlined the legal issues raised by this unique and ambitious diplomatic and touristic project, as well as the steps necessary to make it happen.

“For decades now, Raelians have been canvassing countries to consider hosting an Embassy for Extraterrestrials, but in recent years these discussions have been increasing in number and seriousness,” said Turcotte. “Many countries showed a genuine interest in this very promising and important project, the presentation was very well received and all the participants agreed that the diplomatic aspect of it is not only mandatory but the priority.”

“Interest is growing as it becomes obvious that an extraterrestrial civilization is preparing our humanity for an official contact through an ever-increasing number of UFO sightings, military reports describing encounters with UFOs, and very complex crop circles all over the world,” Turcotte continued. “It’s just a matter of time before more diplomats and foreign affairs officials acknowledge this and advise their respective governments to care for a proper and formal welcome for an out-of-this-world civilization. “We are aware that this is an important paradigm shift with regard to diplomatic relations defined by the Vienna Convention and, while the increasing governmental awareness is now obvious, we still have some work to do,” Turcotte added. “While some countries wrongfully anticipate an invasion by an armed extraterrestrial civilization and are preparing to go to war against them, we must offset such a primitive and dangerous position with a worldwide movement of peace, to educate people and government officials that we can only benefit from contact with beings from beyond the stars,” concluded Turcotte.


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