The “Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project”​ applauds San Marino’s approval of Project Titan

U.N. to be asked to establish a UFO Research Institute in San Marino

New York, January 23, 2023 — The “Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project” (E4ET) first wants to congratulate Paolo Guizzardi, Project Titan‘s founder, and all those who stuck with him through all the steps that led up to this historic vote by San Marino’s Parliament on January 19, 2023.

“This is an essential win for Project Titan, which will allow for a proposal on the creation of a permanent office in San Marino dedicated to the scientific study of UFOs (aka UAP) to be submitted to the U.N.,” indicated Daniel Turcotte, E4ET’s general director. It is worth noting that the only time the United Nations was ever solicited to discuss the UFO phenomenon was in 1978 by the Prime Minister of Grenada at the time. His efforts unfortunately failed.

Project Titan is part of an international consortium that wants to make UAP a topic of global discourse. Therefore, how the U.N. will respond to this proposal remains to be seen, but because more and more governments have been disclosing information on UAP otherwise kept confidential until now and because the general perception regarding the UFO phenomenon has never been so positive, this makes the odds more favorable than in 1978,” added Turcotte. 

The “Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project” has made it clear that it will monitor the progress of Project Titan very closely, and should the UN General Assembly respond favorably, it hopes to participate in any follow up discussions and decisions that pertain to the UFO phenomenon. E4ET has the support of more than 20 organizations totalling more than half a million people, and including nearly 250 scientists worldwide.

‘’UFOs are important but they are only half the story, and my hope is that we will soon start asking ourselves who is inside those UFOs and why they are visiting us because the reality is that UFO sightings and crop circles are on the rise and we can no longer remain indifferent to this fact. Is this advanced civilization preparing us for eventual contact? We believe it is. And the best way to make that contact official is to build an Embassy to welcome them with the required diplomatic framework and protocol that we have been promoting for the past 12 years,’’ concluded Turcotte.



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