Raelians starting negotiations with first country to consider hosting an Embassy for Extraterrestrials

GENEVA, March 28, 2018 – Thousands of Raelians worldwide will hold public events on March 31st – day that founder and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, Rael, declared “ET Embassy Day,” in order to raise awareness about their major project: the building of an Embassy to welcome an extraterrestrial civilization to earth.

“This year is very special,’’ said Raelian Guide Daniel Turcotte, Rael’s assistant for the ET Embassy Project. ‘’Up until now, several countries had shown a genuine interest for this very auspicious project, but this year, for the first time, a country has invited Raelian representatives to discuss this unique and enthusiastic project.’’

“This week, the host country candidate has been handed an optional protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, provisionally titled the “Optional Protocol Concerning Embassies for Extraterrestrials,” explained Turcotte. “The meeting also addressed the possibility for this country to hold the first international conference to discuss this protocol.”

Turcotte explained that the country granting a land, the necessary extraterritoriality, and the authorization for the ET Embassy to be built within its territory will not only benefit financially, but will also become the spiritual and scientific center of the planet for millennia to come, and happiness will prevail within its borders.

‘’Welcoming an extraterrestrial civilization isn’t a mere fantasy the way it was viewed as in the 70s when Rael created the Raelian Movement with the mission of building an Embassy to welcome them,” added Turcotte. “Since then, thousands of planets have been discovered including some with an atmosphere and all the necessary elements to sustain life. Not to mention that scientists now agree that the probability of intelligent life outside our solar system is very high, and millions of people have seen UFOs and know that an extraterrestrial civilization is showing interest in us, thus confirming this probability.”

“The conditions for the general population to accept the idea of an official welcome are met, but violence on our planet is so high that we need the wisdom of those who created us and who want to meet us again more than ever,” concluded Turcotte.

Raelians believe that an extraterrestrial civilization created all life on Earth including human beings, and they believe it is a very peaceful and far more advanced civilization compared to ours, both scientifically and philosophically.


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