Raelians solicit the UN to organize an international conference to discuss diplomatic arrangements for an Embassy to welcome an ET civilization to Earth

GENEVA, April 2nd, 2019 – “Raelians have been in negotiations for the past year with the first country to consider hosting an Embassy for Extraterrestrials,” declared Daniel Turcotte, Raelian Guide and Rael’s assistant for the Embassy Project. “It is now time to ask the United Nations to get involved,” he added.

Rael—founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement, and head of the Embassy Project—has declared the first Saturday of April, “ET Embassy Day,” in order to raise awareness about the Raelian Movement’s major project: the building of an Embassy to welcome an extraterrestrial civilization—known as Elohim—to Earth.

“As we prepare for our Embassy Day, we also intend to solicit the United Nations to organize the first International conference to discuss a new protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, provisionally titled, “Optional Protocol Concerning Embassies for Extraterrestrials,” expressed Turcotte. He explained that many countries have replied to their request to host such an Embassy and several of them have shown a genuine interest in this very promising and important project. “More and more countries are showing interest as it becomes obvious that an extraterrestrial civilization is preparing our Humanity for an official contact, through an ever-increasing number of UFO appearances and very complex crop circles all over the world,” he continued.

Raelians are also preparing a social media campaign that includes a web page where citizens of all countries of the world can express their support for the request to the United Nations.

“We are confident that the UN will hear out and acknowledge the growing number of people who care for a proper and formal welcome for an out-worldly civilization,” Turcotte added. “While some countries wrongfully anticipate an invasion by an armed extraterrestrial civilization and are preparing to go to war against them, we must offset such an outdated and belligerent position with a worldwide movement of peace, and educate people that only peace can come from the stars. And if the UN doesn’t take the lead, then the countries we are in discussions with will,’’ concluded Turcotte.

Raelians believe that an extraterrestrial civilization, referred to as “Elohim,” in the original Hebrew Bible, created all life on Earth including human beings. They believe it is a very peaceful and far more advanced civilization compared to ours, both scientifically and philosophically, and that an official contact with our Creators will usher our humanity into an era of peace and a Golden Age.


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