Raelians ask President Vladimir Putin and the prime minister Dmitri Medvedev for authorization to build an Embassy for extra-terrestrials in Russia

MOSCOW, March 2016 – On Saturday the 2nd April, a Swiss delegation of the Geneva based International Raelian Movement and Dmitri Porublev, the leader of the Russian Raelian Movement, will present an official request to President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, for the extraterritoriality of an Embassy designed to welcome representatives of an extra-terrestrial civilization.

The documentation includes two main sections: the first is the request for about four square kilometres of land on which to erect the structure, and the second is an application for its extraterritoriality as required by any embassy.

The initiative is part of an international action named ET-Embassy Day, and it will be presented in detail at the PRESS CONFERENCE which will be held at 11am on Friday the 1st of April at the “Shcubert’” hall located in Moscow “Radisson Blu Belorusskaya Hotel”, where the delegation headed by Jean-Marie Briaud, will present the dossier relating to the construction of the embassy.

Then at 2pm on Saturday the 2nd April there will be a public conference presenting the project in the “Yaroslavl Hall” of the Moscow “Golden Ring Hotel”.

« Now that we can understand our origins, it’s time to prepare for the return to Earth of our Creators and to accept them for what they really are, » said Dmitri Porublev. « The ancient gods worshiped by our ancestors are actually men and women like us, called Elohim, very advanced scientifically and inhabitants of a distant planet in our galaxy. »

Myths and ancient texts from around the world refer to these people coming from the sky and describe how they created life on Earth, including “man in their image” thanks to their perfect mastery of DNA and genetic engineering. All the great religions have predicted that one day they would return. That time has now come and during Rael’s encounter with one of the Elohim in 1973, they asked him to build an embassy for them and to prepare humanity for their imminent contact.

« These extra-terrestrials know that their return may be the only chance of salvation that still remains for humanity, given the escalation of international conflicts and aggression between fellow men and for the planet on which we live », explained Porublev.

« On behalf of all Russian Raelians, I hope that President Putin will take up this exceptional opportunity and officially invite Rael, the last of the prophets, leader and founder of the International Raelian Movement, to discuss the details of this project, in view of the fact that the country that will grant the land and permission for extraterritoriality will benefit from the economic advantages and enjoy the protection of the Elohim for years to come » concluded Porublev.


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