UPDATE on The Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project

From time to time, it is common for people on our contact list to inquire about our Embassy project to welcome an extraterrestrial civilization and to ask us how the project is coming along. That’s a fair question, but to anyone asking how many countries we are currently talking to, our answer remains pretty much the same: “A few.” And if the inquiry goes so far as to ask which countries, our reply is: “We have signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with these countries and therefore can disclose neither their identity nor the nature of our conversations.” To this end, we firmly believe that for any agency to hold talks at such a high diplomatic, political, and governmental level the only way to ensure that mutual trust, respect, and reliability remain strong, is the best approach and also the best way to preserve the integrity of our reputation. As the saying goes: “Government plans love silence!”

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For nearly 15 years, I have been appointed general manager of this unique and ambitious project. Since then, I have surrounded myself with extremely skilled and competent individuals, and have built a team that includes former diplomats, influencers, business entrepreneurs, architects, and an urban planner with both great experience and an international reputation in his field. Hundreds of connections have been made but, as with any project, some lost interest along the way while others were simply replaced in their function; rendering their involvement in the project obsolete.

Fifteen years ago, the most common reaction we were facing was disbelief or indifference. But thanks to the accumulation of public revelations from whistleblowers who have held and who still hold positions in the armed forces, space exploration, or government agencies such as the Pentagon or other special programs aimed at studying the UFO phenomenon, minds have opened up and what seemed ridiculous to many only a few years ago has now become quite plausible. This is good news as more and more scientists are coming on board; scientists such as Dr. Avi Loeb of Harvard University and Dr. Garry Nolan of Stanford University. And let us not forget the very important role played by people like Dr. Stephen Greer who still work in the “Disclosure” project. But above all, one important point I’d like to underscore is the fact that this Embassy project for Extraterrestrials is also supported by more than 200 scientists around the world…a number that keeps growing! To put it bluntly, it has become nearly impossible to argue that we are alone in the universe.

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For all these reasons, we are now seeing more and more openness on the part of governments. And even if they now admit to the existence of extraterrestrials and their possible visits to our planet, the bigger hurdle to overcome has to do with addressing how and under what conditions must official contact with an extraterrestrial civilization occur. The 1210 acres (490 hectares) of land required to build the Embassy (with the required clearance area) does not seem to pose a problem for most countries that also agree to a diplomatic protocol respecting international laws and adapted to an extraterrestrial civilization to be in place. And rather than reinventing the wheel, using the preexisting Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961) as a starting point makes perfect sense. To this end, Jonathan Levy—an international lawyer—has also declared, in his article entitled Extraterrestrial or Extraterritorial?: “It is likely we will have no official visitors until their legal status is recognized. You cannot put the cart before the horse. Assuming ETs have not done their due diligence before visiting is ludicrous. They know the state of the law and it is a deterrent to them. The country that shows the most open-minded and laissez-faire attitude towards ETs, as reflected in its legal system, will likely be the first visited and first to really benefit from this contact.”

In the coming months, I am planning to travel to meet government members who have shown a legitimate interest in our Project. We hope that these meetings will be fruitful and enable us to gain official support for the Diplomatic Protocol we are proposing, and that one or more of the countries visited will accept the idea and organize an international conference to discuss this protocol in greater detail on its territory. Once this important diplomatic task is completed, we will enter a new phase: selecting the country that will have the honor and privilege of hosting the most important project in humanity’s history.

Will this country be yours?

Contact: danielt@ETembassy.org

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