UFOs simply don’t crash and cannot be shot down!

When it comes to UFO crashes, there have been numerous reports and claims throughout history, but whether such events are possible at all or have actually occurred is, without a doubt, a matter of debate and speculation.

An increasing number of people have been quite open about receiving information or even witnessing portions of or entire UFOs that were reportedly recovered by some countries’ military authorities (or other agencies) with their occupants whose bodies would have been dissected. I don’t call into question that some people may have read official reports, or even seen and touched these objects and bodies allegedly from another planet. What I do question, however, is the veracity of these reports and what may have been seen or touched. And if doubts are raised about this, it follows that any claim about reverse engineering these crashed objects raises suspicion as well.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the 2022 fatality risk for the entire industry was 0.11. This means that a person would need to take a flight every day for 25,214 years in order to guarantee that a fatal accident would happen (1). But since most accidents occur as a result of mechanical failures, human errors, or weather conditions it follows that the development of computer-guided piloting systems will inevitably reduce the risks associated with this activity. What’s more, these piloting systems will continue to develop and substantially reduce these risks to the point of eradicating them.

Despite science’s remarkable progress over the last 100 years, we clearly remain technologically rudimentary when compared to the civilizations that visit us. Thus, observing the prowess that their spacecraft perform is enough to give us enough pause to the point of realizing that they are highly advanced and their mastery of energies and space travel still eludes us completely. To this end, such technological mastery makes mechanical failures, and therefore UFO crashes, impossible.

Moreover, assuming that these UFO crashes are possible—allowing leaders as bellicose as ours the possibility of discovering, through “reverse engineering,” technologies that could then be used for destructive purposes—this would be antithetical to the intelligence and wisdom that defines any extraterrestrial civilization. And to those who speculate that this could be a test by extraterrestrials to assess the goodness of humans once these advanced technologies are discovered, I would simply tell them that Humanity does not need to be tested by an outside civilization to validate this hypothesis. We already know what bellicose leaders are capable of doing with the technologies currently available on Earth. Thus, it would be foolhardy to allow such rulers to acquire even more destructive technologies than they already have at their disposal, especially at a time when the doomsday clock reads 90 seconds to midnight (2).

I posit that extraterrestrials who can travel beyond their solar system are highly advanced, and this means that they master their aggression and must have broken free from the self-destructive cycle that awaits any civilization whose scientific achievements exceed their level of wisdom and love—as is presently the case on Earth. Moreover, why would extraterrestrials favor one nation over another by giving them the opportunity to discover technologies that could prove negative and fatal if misused by our rulers?

In a world where most leaders are pathological liars, I believe that the UFOs and alien bodies allegedly recovered from crashes are themselves intentionally fabricated by authorities to derive benefit, induce fear and insecurity within gullible populations, or conspicuously lie for the benefit of their agenda. And I let you guess what that agenda might be.

As for the “evidence” suggesting that UFOs have been and will continue to be shot down by the military, I still have very serious doubts on this matter. Rather, I believe there is evidence that the military is shooting at these spacecrafts from another planet with the intent to shoot them down, but their advanced technology makes it impossible for us to do so as they are clearly untouchable and invulnerable.

That said, it seems obvious to me that the extraterrestrials who visit us love us and care about us, are peaceful, and are guiding humanity through more frequent sightings and crop circles in order to prepare us for their imminent return at an Embassy we will build for them. Their official return to Earth will be predicated on diplomacy and absolute respect for human laws. Anything short of this will completely jeopardize their return. This is why we are proposing a Diplomatic Protocol—inspired by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961)—in order to raise awareness among the nations of the world and foster the conditions required for the return of an extraterrestrial civilization to Earth.

Raelians state that an extraterrestrial civilization, referred to as “Elohim” in the original Hebrew Bible, created all forms of life on Earth including human beings. They believe it is a very peaceful and far more advanced civilization compared to ours, both scientifically and philosophically, and that an official contact with them would usher our humanity into an era of peace and a Golden Age (3).

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