While some speculate the arrival of extraterrestrials would elicit fear and uncertainty, and be perceived as a threat to their way of life, beliefs, or resources–thus leading up to tensions and more conflicts—others think it would bring a sense of unity and cooperation to our humanity.  I genuinely believe the latter to be the best possible outcome.

There is no question that the arrival of extraterrestrials would challenge many of our traditions and belief systems (religious and scientific) to the point of potentially causing disruptions and conflicts within these belief systems.  Yet, an increasing number of researchers and scholars who have read and analyzed several religious texts have unanimously concluded and asserted that life on Earth was created by beings from another planet, thus calling into question the monotheistic doctrine and the existence of an immaterial god.  

Religious texts such as the Bible, Quran, Vedas, and several other sacred scriptures, allude to extraterrestrial life and encounters with beings from other planets.  Many, in fact, interpret these passages as references to extraterrestrial encounters and suggest that these ancient texts contain descriptions of events or phenomena that involve advanced beings but were beyond our human understanding at the time. These interpretations often require reassessing traditional religious symbols or events and interpreting them as interactions with extraterrestrial beings, potentially leading up to intense and even conflictual discussions on this topic.  How such discussions end up depends on how individuals, societies, religions, and governments choose to respond to the situation.  This could be a wonderful opportunity to unite all religions and have a better understanding of their scriptures.

I would argue that knowledge of extraterrestrial life, and their eminent return to Earth, could foster a sense of unity and peace among humans.  The realization that we are not alone in the universe and that there are other intelligent civilizations would lead to a broader perspective, emphasizing our shared humanity and the need for global cooperation.  Contact with extraterrestrial beings would expand our minds and force us to reevaluate our place in the universe.  This would facilitate cultural exchange and foster mutual understanding between civilizations.  Through shared knowledge, wisdom, experiences, and values, both humans and extraterrestrials would undoubtedly learn from one another and promote peaceful coexistence.

Not to mention that if extraterrestrial civilizations possess advanced technology, they necessarily would have to have evolved beyond the conflicts that plagued their own humanity.  Their advanced understanding and use of science and technology could potentially offer solutions to many of our global challenges, including resource scarcity, clean and renewable energy supply, and societal inequality, to name just a few. 

With this in mind, we can recognize that extraterrestrials are peaceful otherwise they would have invaded us long ago!  Educating the public about the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials, and emphasizing that extraterrestrials as those portrayed in most Hollywood movies are not violent or invaders, is an essential step.  Moreover, educating and informing our politicians about extraterrestrials arriving on Earth and the necessity to have a special protocol in place is also a very important task, and our organization has been relentlessly championing this for almost 50 years!

What if it were us?

Imagine we had the technology to visit another inhabited planet similar to Earth, and that this civilization’s scientific, cultural, and philosophical levels were far inferior to our own.  How would we establish contact with the inhabitants of that planet?  Would we land in the middle of one of their major cities without warning, potentially resulting in a worldwide panic with irreversible repercussions?   And would we share our advanced technologies with some countries over others, knowing that this would give them an edge that could be devastating for their entire humanity?  Or would we be more methodical about it and prepare them slowly until the day they are ready to welcome us, hence showing ourselves gradually while demonstrating our technological superiority so that governments, the general public, the media, and scientists alike are all aware of our existence and peaceful intentions?  

We are convinced that building an Embassy to welcome them back to Earth remains the most logical and diplomatic option.  To this end, we have devised a diplomatic protocol in order to guarantee that an official contact would respect human laws, but above all would allow us to welcome them with the respect and love they deserve.

Raelians state that an extraterrestrial civilization, referred to as “Elohim” in the original Hebrew Bible, created all forms of life on Earth including human beings. They believe it is a very peaceful and far more advanced civilization compared to ours, both scientifically and philosophically, and that an official contact with them would usher our humanity into an era of peace and a Golden Age 


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