On July 26, a historic meeting took place in the United States Congress when David Grusch, who served for 14 years as an intelligence officer in the Air Force and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency—Ryan Graves, a former Navy F/A-18F pilot and T-45C Goshawk instructor pilot—and David Fravor, retired Commander who spent 18 years as a Navy pilot, all appeared before the House Oversight subcommittee alongside two former fighter pilots who had firsthand experience with UAPs.

There has been considerable discussion of the assumption that these non-terrestrial devices pose a threat to the National Security of the United States.

However, perceiving threats from extraterrestrial crafts is only a projection of our own aggressiveness with other nations on Earth. We see others as potential aggressors because we are aggressors ourselves. What is interesting is that these extraterrestrial vessels have never shown any aggression or violent actions whatsoever towards us. On the contrary! They are quite playful and seem to enjoy demonstrating their technological superiority and, more importantly, their preoccupation with nuclear missile locations, sometimes even rendering them non-operational, as Robert Salas, retired USAF captain (1), has previously stated. When asked: “Does this appear to you as see violent actions that pose any kind of threat to the US or any other country in which they manifest?” He plied: “I do not think so. This is more like, in my view, actions aimed at raising awareness of the dangers that these nuclear missiles represent for the survival of Humanity, one that is at a crossroads and whose next few months will be critical for its destiny.

We must stop assuming that these aliens mean us harm or want to attack us. If they had wanted to do so, they would have done it a long time ago! As for the argument that they were provoking us to assess our ability to respond to these imaginary threats, it is questionable to say the least. A civilization with such a technological level is able to assess our overall technological capabilities, particularly military, even before entering our airspace.

That said, we believe these hearings may raise public awareness and interest in UAP-related topics, sparking discussions and further research. The hearings may also lead to greater transparency from government agencies about their investigations into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) or UFO sightings. Independently of the outcome of these hearings, there might be increased interest in conducting scientific research to study UAP phenomena, potentially leading to more dedicated resources for the study of unidentified aerial objects. This is, moreover, one of the objectives of Project TITAN and that of the government of San Marino which, a few months ago,  voted in favor of presenting a resolution to the United Nations aimed at creating a permanent research committee on the UFO/UAP phenomenon.

The outcome of these hearings could also influence government policies regarding the reporting, investigation, and public dissemination of UFO/UAP-related information.

So, when our humanity will have finally ruled on the fact that UFOs really exist and that they are not of terrestrial origin (therefore they are extraterrestrial), the questions that will follow will be, in my view, the most fundamental: “Who are they?” and “Why are they visiting us more and more frequently?” Our answers to these questions are quite simple: They are visiting us and interacting with us to prepare us for an eventual official contact. We currently do not see how it’s possible for them to land without having first made themselves visible in a way to have the population ask questions about their existence and their intentions. Otherwise the consequences could be catastrophic and a mass hysteria would certainly ensue.

We are also strongly in favor of welcoming them with a diplomatic framework in place such that it respects our current laws on diplomatic relations and so that they are welcomed with the respect they deserve. The current dilemma is that nothing under our international agreements provides such a framework for establishing relations with one or more extraterrestrial civilizations. This is the reason why we propose an amendment on the current Diplomatic Protocol that models the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. The reply we received in May 2019 from the office of the U.N. Secretary General was basically saying that to proceed for a formal resolution to be presented to the General Assembly of this institution was to appeal to the Ambassadors of member states. We have followed this recommendation and we are discussing with a number of countries in order to organize an international conference and discuss our proposal for the Diplomatic Protocol to include extraterrestrial civilizations. We believe this conference will allow us to further discuss this Protocol in a much more relaxed and open environment than that offered by the United Nations.

Everything is being put in place for the imminent welcome of an extraterrestrial civilization referred to as ‘Elohim’—which mean ‘Those who came from the sky’ in ancient Hebrew, and is prominently mentioned in several religious texts and tribal traditions around the world. There are multiple names that refer to the ‘Elohim’ such as Anunnakis, Brahma, Nommos, Star people, and many others. The purpose of building an Embassy in the next few years will be to welcome them with dignity, respect and peace.

(1) https://www.wionews.com/trending/ex-us-air-force-captain-reveals-aliens-assailed-nuclear-missile-base-claims-govt-hid-ufo-attack-from-public-593073