Mashiach Rael: ”The awaited Third Temple will never be built in Israel!”

In 1988, Rael, Spiritual Leader of the Raelian Movement, and much-anticipated Mashiach, proclaimed, “The writings in the Elohim’s Messages intended for the Jewish people are unambiguous: should Israel refuse to build the Embassy for the Elohim within its borders, the miraculously created small state would cease to exist, and the beautiful dream would turn into a nightmare, leaving a legacy of regrets for countless generations. This would lead to another diaspora.”

The Elohim, an ancient Hebrew term translating to ‘those who came from the sky,’ wanted the Third Temple to be built in Israel. However, given its actions and the current situation, this prospect has changed. “It’s too late for Israel to accept the Construction of the Embassy. This can, however, be accepted by a Palestinian authority,” declared Mashiach Rael, the Ambassador of the Elohim on Earth. He further asserted, “Only a Palestinian state is now acceptable, with total democratic equality and without apartheid for the two peoples.”

Raelian Chief Rabbi, Leon Mellul, drew parallels between contemporary Israel and apartheid-era South Africa, suggesting that decades of Israel’s unacceptable actions on Palestinian land and over the Palestinian people are actually worse. He stated, “Peace between these Semitic brothers is still achievable, but every new war crime, like the Gaza massacre, makes it more difficult. Israel no longer deserves to exist because it betrayed all the exemplary values of Judaism by stealing the land and homes that don’t belong to them and, more importantly, by not respecting the most important commandment, ‘You shall not kill’, and accumulating nuclear weapons capable of killing millions of people in one go and sparking off a world war capable of destroying the entire creation.”

Mellul emphasized a critical point of common lineage, stating, “It’s imperative to recall that both Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Muslims alike, are descendants of a common patriarch: Abraham!”

Leon Mellul concluded by highlighting a pivotal historical refusal, stating, “The State of Israel has, on seven occasions, declined to issue the authorizations required for the construction of the Third Temple, intended to welcome the Elohim, on its territory. Consequently, in December 1997, Mashiach Rael declared that any nation in the world could be solicited to host the most important project in the history of mankind.”

The Elohim are not gods. Rather, they are advanced scientists from another planet, who are the creators of all life forms on Earth. Over time, they have sent us many Prophets, including Moses, Jesus, the Buddha, Muhammad, and in 1973 their last Messenger, Rael. He was chosen to spread a message of love and hope and to reveal the true genesis of life on our planet. The Elohim, these scientists from the stars, are very peaceful and are far more advanced than we are, both scientifically and philosophically. The Third Temple is intended as an Embassy—a designated space for official contact with our creators. The much-anticipated arrival of the Elohim on Earth will usher humanity into an era of peace and a Golden Age.


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