ET Embassy Day: Raelian architects unveil architectural plans of Embassy for Extraterrestrials

Las Vegas, March 28, 2022 — On the occasion of the 8th annual ET Embassy Day slated for April 2nd, the International Raelian Movement is organizing several events aimed at showcasing the plans of an Embassy for Extraterrestrials during which the team in charge of the project will explain the different stages of its much-anticipated realization.

“We have reached an important milestone in the realization of the construction project of an Embassy designed to officially welcome an extraterrestrial civilization on earth,” explained Daniel Turcotte, project manager. ”Until now we had put the emphasis on ground plans and some illustrations to visually support our project, but with the growing interest in this unique and ambitious project, more accurate plans have become essential to continue our discussions with certain countries and specialized national organizations that wish to attract foreign investment on their soil,” added Turcotte.

The Extraterrestrial Embassy is the top project of the International Raelian Movement created in 1974 by Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, whose mission is to inform the public of the desire of the extraterrestrial scientists who created us to officially return to earth.

“A lot of work remains to be done before the ribbon-cutting ceremony,” said Turcotte, “because we are at a crucial stage of the project—the diplomatic phase—which will allow us to find the country that will agree to officially and publicly support the proposal for an Alternative Protocol to the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.” This proposal must include an extraterrestrial civilization clause or a country willing to support the creation of an international conference to discuss this protocol.

Turcotte explained that his goal is to be ready to welcome this extraterrestrial civilization no later than 2035, and he is confident that 2022-2023 will be pivotal in terms of diplomatic support for the Embassy project.

“Recent developments have been quite promising,” said Turcotte.

The UFO phenomenon is increasingly recognized by the public and even by some government agencies. Scientists are finally giving this phenomenon the attention it deserves. The number of extraterrestrial crafts appearing in the skies has increased exponentially and, more importantly, intentionally by the occupants so as to raise awareness of the public to the phenomenon, and prepare humanity for an imminent official contact. The time has come to officially welcome them.


. March 30th, 10-11:15am EST – all government representatives, tourism officials, diplomats and ambassadors are invited to attend an informational session;
. March 31st, 10-10:45am EST – members of the media are exclusively invited (upon presentation of an official certification);
. April 2nd, 10-11:15am EST – open to the general public.


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