We are on the brink of experiencing a Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind!

Close encounters pertain to instances where an unidentified flying object (UFO) is observed at a proximate distance. The classification system for close encounters was widely acknowledged by ufologist J. Allen Hynek in the 1970s. The Close Encounter of the First Kind (CE-1) involves a straightforward sighting of a UFO, wherein the object is clearly defined, and details such as shape and surface characteristics can be discerned. In a Close Encounter of the Second Kind (CE-2), a UFO is not only witnessed but also demonstrates tangible impacts on the environment, which might encompass electronic disruption, vehicle malfunction, or physical evidence like scorched earth or crop circles. The Close Encounter of the Third Kind (CE-3) entails not only sightings and physical effects but also witnessing beings or entities linked to the UFO. Observers allege to have seen beings that are unequivocally non-human in or near the UFO.»

The Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind (CE-4) takes the interaction further, involving purported abductions by UFO entities. Individuals report being brought aboard a UFO and subjected to various experiments or examinations by extraterrestrial beings, which, from my perspective, fall into the realm of personal psychological and physiological experience, which is increasingly elucidated by science (1).

Finally, the Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind (CE-5), a term coined by ufologist Dr. Steven M. Greer, pertains to direct communication between humans and extraterrestrial beings. CE-5 encounters are typically initiated through meditation, conscious intent, or other forms of deliberate communication.

A Close Encounter of the Sixth Kind: An Unsettled Classification

The phrase «Close Encounter of the Sixth Kind,» is not as universally recognized as the more common classifications set forth in ufology, which originate from the Close Encounter scale developed by J. Allen Hynek. This means that the term «Close Encounter of the Sixth Kind» is not generally accepted or standardized classification in the field of ufology. Although the term might be utilized by various sources and individuals to describe assorted scenarios, it does not hold a universally accepted definition. Views about close encounters can differ substantially among individuals and researchers. In popular culture and science fiction, encounters of the sixth kind are often unveiled as an intense, sometimes frightful experience wherein humans and aliens interact directly, sometimes to the detriment of humans. Shying away from conspiratorial theorizing, this can appear as a dystopian Hollywood vision, perhaps deliberately disseminated by agencies intending to craft malevolent extraterrestrial enemies to fuel their narrative and their vested interest in perpetual warfare against imaginary or fabricated threats.

Allow me to paint a picture of what an Encounter of the Sixth Kind might entail. It’s not far-fetched to envision a near future where UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) transition into IFOs (Identified Flying Objects). The majority of images and footage captured of these mysterious objects often appear blurry, distant, and ambiguous. However, it’s conceivable that these objects will soon make their presence so unmistakably clear that skepticism becomes impossible. Encounters of the Sixth Kind could very well be a monumental revelation for all of humanity.

Imagine a Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind

To me, it represents the pinnacle of all encounters: genuine, face-to-face official contact with extraterrestrial beings right here on Earth. Such a prospect may stir up dreams within many of us. To realize this vision, we would need to set up an appropriate diplomatic framework and identify a neutral location that upholds Earth’s laws. Our suggestion is twofold: first, we propose an optional diplomatic protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961) that incorporates protocols for extraterrestrial interactions. Secondly, the building of an Embassy designed explicitly for welcoming them. Just as Embassies play a crucial role in international relations today by bridging connections between nations, soon they might serve as the bridge between our world and otherworldly civilizations!

Extraterrestrials, as many believe, won’t simply make an official entrance to Earth without an invitation, and there are specific prerequisites before their visit can even be deemed feasible. I recently conducted a poll among my valued LinkedIn contacts, posing the question: what would be the paramount condition for facilitating the arrival of an extraterrestrial civilization on Earth? The results were enlightening, to say the least:

— 35% felt that achieving World Peace was paramount.
— 4% underscored the importance of a structured diplomatic framework.
— 13% emphasized the construction of a dedicated Embassy.
— Interestingly, a whopping 48% responded with «All of the above!»

Clearly, nearly half of those surveyed felt that the combination of global peace, a formal diplomatic setup, and an established Embassy were essential to welcoming the Elohim, an Extraterrestrial Civilization, to our planet. This would usher us in the era of the Encounters of the Seventh Kind!

If this unique and ambitious Project resonates with you and you wish to be a pivotal part of it, please reach out to me at danielt@ETembassy.org or WhatsApp: +15149279738 (Canada)!

(1) https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2005/09/alien-abduction-claims-explained/


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