Love Must Prevail on Earth

The prevailing global situation, which has persisted for quite some time, vividly showcases the inability of our political leaders, governmental bodies, and international organizations – including the United Nations – to establish the necessary internal and external frameworks to foster peace, harmony, prosperity, and equitable resource exploitation, all the while respecting and upholding the sovereignty of nations. In fact, numerous countries have had their resources plundered with impunity, a clear violation of international laws seldom enforced by those in positions of power (with only a handful of exceptions) because they are craven. This is undeniable evidence that our world is on the wrong path, highlighting the urgent need for profound transformations across the globe!

We’ve Exhausted All Options Except for Love…

I often find myself pondering over why love hasn’t been the guiding principle in our historical journey of decision-making. Is love not a common denominator across all religions, cherished by every well-meaning human being? Does the life of a single non-violent human being not hold more value than the entirety of the world’s resources? It’s impossible for anyone to claim today that wars are waged in the pursuit of justice or to spread «democracy» everywhere. It’s been evident for quite some time that military conflicts and the exploitation of nations primarily cater to the selfish interests of specific countries and corporations.

Given our current circumstances, I firmly believe that love stands as the only answer to save humanity. It might seem naive to assert such a thing, yet I openly invite anyone to prove me wrong. Fostering love and understanding among individuals, communities, nations, and the entire human race has the potential to overcome all adversities and conflicts. Love is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most powerful force capable of driving positive change and fostering unity, regardless of the complexity of global issues at hand. Together, we can devise solutions that encompass love, intelligence, education, diplomacy, scientific progress, as well as social and political reforms. Advocating for love and empathy will undeniably contribute to the creation of a more harmonious and compassionate world, promoting understanding across diverse cultures and belief systems.

Only Love Can Come From Space!

It is highly conceivable that extraterrestrial civilizations, amidst an infinite array of possibilities, have navigated through challenges similar to those faced by humanity. Some civilizations might have failed the test and self-destructed, their scientific prowess outstripping their wisdom. In contrast, others might have survived, subduing their belligerence, prioritizing intelligence and wisdom, ultimately culminating in love. These civilizations would have thus transitioned into a Golden Age; an era marked by abundance for all, peace, justice, and a shared ethos of love. Possessing advanced technology, these civilizations would have inevitably transcended the conflicts that once plagued their societies. Thus their advanced understanding and use of science and technology could potentially offer solutions to numerous global issues we currently grapple with, ranging from resource scarcity, and sustainable and renewable energy supplies, to addressing societal inequalities. To welcome an extraterrestrial civilization to Earth, it is imperative for humanity to first address its own quandaries, eradicate armed conflicts, and dismantle its nuclear arsenals.

Bearing this perspective in mind, it becomes evident that extraterrestrials are peaceful, and if they intended to harm, they would have invaded our planet long ago. Therefore, educating the public about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials, and dispelling the myth of violent, invasive aliens as portrayed in numerous Hollywood films, is crucial. Furthermore, it’s vital to educate and inform our political leaders about the arrival of extraterrestrials on Earth and the pressing need to have a special protocol for such an event. Our organization has been relentlessly championing this cause for nearly five decades!

Humanity has exhausted almost every conceivable solution, yet love remains unexplored. So, why not give love a chance?


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