Declaring April 2 ET Embassy Day, Raelians plan worldwide events

GENEVA, March 30 – On April 2, which they have declared “ET Embassy Day”, Raelians worldwide will hold public events to raise awareness of their primary project: building an embassy to welcome extraterrestrials. Raelian delegations will also contact world leaders in New York and Moscow.

“United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will be handed an optional protocol to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, provisionally titled the “Optional Protocol Concerning Embassies for Extraterrestrials,” said Raelian Guide Daniel Turcotte, Rael’s assistant for the ET Embassy Project. “Meanwhile, a Swiss delegation of the Geneva-based International Raelian Movement and Dmitri Porublev, leader of the Russian Raelian Movement, will present an official request for extraterritoriality of the embassy to President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.”

“42 years ago, an advanced extraterrestrial civilization contacted us and respectfully asked to be welcomed at an official embassy,” Turcotte explained. “Although most scientists rejected the idea of extraterrestrial existence 40 years ago, there’s now enough evidence for a majority of them to agree with that possibility. Now it’s time to go a step further by acknowledging the extraterrestrials’ request and organizing their welcome.”

Raelians believe the extraterrestrial civilization referred to by Turcotte created all life on Earth, including human beings, and that it is very peaceful and far more advanced than we are, both scientifically and philosophically.

“They’re known as the Elohim, and they won’t officially return to Earth until we welcome them at an embassy and grant them appropriate diplomatic status,” Turcotte explained. “This is why we respectfully request that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon propose a conference of all nations that are parties to the Vienna convention for the purpose of discussing our submitted draft protocol, and that he also call for offers to host it.”

He added, “In a world of violence and wars, hundreds of thousands have already recognized the hope brought by knowing that other human beings created us to enjoy life on Earth. Thousands of us will again be in the streets or holding conferences worldwide on April 2 to further this awareness and the hope and peace it confers.”


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